WalkTC Models and Prices

One of the best treadmill systems on the market right now is the WalkTC. The WalkTC by Bowflex has been getting a lot of press recently because of the amazing results it has been helping customers achieve. Many customers have been able to lose at least twenty pounds with the WalkTC. If you are looking into purchasing the WalkTC, you probably want to know more about the different models and prices that are available. In the following paragraphs, I will talk about each of the three WalkTC models available and the corresponding prices for each one.

What WalkTC models are available right now?

1. The most affordable WalkTC model is the tc5. The tc5 is a wonderful starter model because it can help you get in a great shape at an affordable price. The tc5 only costs $999 and it comes with financing options. Over time, you will see that purchasing a WalkTC model is much more affordable than paying for a gym membership. The money you will be paying towards a WalkTC model is being used to purchase something that you’ll own. The money you pay towards a gym membership this month won’t benefit you at all next month, unless you pay more fees.

WalkTC tc102. The bestselling model in the WalkTC range is the tc10. The tc10 is different from the tc5 because it features G.O. Coach, which is designed to help keep you motivated during your exercise. The tc10 costs $2,199, but the price increase is definitely worth it. In addition to G.O. Coach, you also are able to exercise at your own pace with variable speeds. Needless to say, the tc10 is the best selling model out of the whole line.

3. The best model in the WalkTC line is the tc20. What is great about the tc20 is that there is goal oriented technology built in. This acts as a personal motivation tool to help you maximize efficiency during your workout. Also, there is customizable programming that allows you to meet your specific fitness needs. Finally, the tc20 has longer foot treadles that make the machine more comfortable to exercise on. The tc20 costs $3,299, but there is financing available.

Now that you know more about the WalkTC models and prices, you should be able to determine which model fits your exercise goals and your budget. Most people choose the tc10 because it offers the best value. You get a lot of features and a reasonable price.

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